What is CAs Online?


Blue Recruiting's CAs Online is a digital catalogue of prospective Chartered Accountants who are completing or have recently completed their articles. The platform is designed to make the recruitment of recently qualified CAs more efficient and cost-effective for employers.

CAs Online will increase your choice of suitable candidates, reduce the amount of time required for the recruitment process and, most of all, materially reduce your costs of recruitment.


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CAs Online

The most innovative technology in recruitment


Watch at your convenience

Watch pre-recorded online video interviews in your own time and assess candidates’ culture suitability

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Search for your own recently qualified CAs and save up to 50% on your costs of recruitment

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Filter candidate profiles to meet you specific hiring preferences

Largest online catalogue

See more candidates - the largest online market for newly qualified CAs


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You too can be assured of the right people in your office!

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