CAs Online

Summarized terms


If you identify a candidate through CAs Online which results in an accepted job offer, you as the employer will be charged a fee of 12% (excluding VAT) of the candidate’s annual total cost to company (inclusive of all guaranteed income). Blue Recruiting will invoice you on the candidate’s start date and the fee shall be due thirty (30) days after the start date. Should you request, Blue Recruiting will assist in conducting the candidate search on your behalf (i.e. you do not conduct the candidate search yourself nor click the “I am interested in” button). This service, however, will be offered at Blue Recruiting’s standard fee of 17.5% of the candidate’s total cost to company.

Fixed Term Contracting

The employer pays a success fee of 12% (excluding VAT) of the candidate’s total cost to company for the duration of the contract. If the candidate is made permanent or their contract is extended, you agree to notify Blue Recruiting of this, and you will be invoiced the remaining success fee of 12% (excluding VAT) of the candidate’s revised annual total cost to company less the amount already paid.


If a candidate, who was previously employed through CAs Online, terminates the employment within ninety (90) days of the start date (for any reason), you will be entitled to select another candidate from the CAs Online portal at no additional cost.


Blue Recruiting can neither guarantee that a candidate will be interested in an employment opportunity presented nor that a candidate will accept an employment contract offered to them. Click here to accept these terms as well as the Blue Recruiting T&C’s.